Allergy Proofing your Home


Now that indoor heating season is here, little steps can help lighten your allergic load.

  • For dust mite sensitive patients:
    • Encase your mattress, box springs and pillows with mite-proof covers
    • Wash your bedding weekly in hot water
    • Use a good HEPA vacuum cleaner, standard vacuums tend to stir dust and allergens
    • If possible, remove wall-to-wall carpeting from bedrooms
    • Use room air purifiers
  • For mold sensitive patients:
    • Wear HEPA filter mask when entering an area of suspected mold growth like a damp basement or crawlspace
    • Keep humidity low using air conditioners or dehumidifiers
    • Use room air purifiers
    • Ventilate bathrooms, and clean regularly
    • Don’t forget about your car’s AC system, have it checked out if it has a musty odor
  • For pet sensitive patients:
    • Keep pets out of the bedroom and off of your upholstery
    • Wash your hands after contact
    • Eliminate carpets wherever possible
    • Use HEPA filters in your heater, air conditioner and vacuum cleaners

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Sources: All-American Allergy Alternatives, LLC; National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences; American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.  (Getty images)

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