Recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) recommends at least 3 years allergy immunotherapy

Allergy Drops-safe and effective

A February, 2017 allergy immunotherapy research study published in JAMA recommends that patients continue their subcutaneous (allergy shots) or sublingual (allergy drops) allergy treatment for at least 3 years for long term effectiveness.

Sources: Shortened dose of immunotherapy ineffective in allergic rhinitis,  All-American Allergy Alternatives, LLC

New Treatment Lets You Brush Off Your Allergies – MU Health


Liam began taking allergy shots when he was 3, but the shots were hard on both Liam and Kayle. Now, a new allergy treatment offered at University of Missouri Health Care is helping Liam literally brush off his allergies.

Source:  New Treatment Lets You Brush Off Your Allergies – MU Health 

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